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Faculty Guide: Embedding Library Resources

Embedding Library Resources

Embedding Library Resources

The Library has a lot of content that can be used directly in D2L, either through embedding or linking to library resources.

  • Streaming Video
  • Articles
  • Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers
  • Ebooks


If you need help with library resources for your course, please contact your librarian, who will be happy to assist!

Why embed or link?

Embedding or linking directly to library resources instead of posting a copy has a variety of benefits. 

  1. It complies with copyright law.
  2. Linking gives the Library valuable usage statistics for that article, journal or video, making it more likely that the Library can continue to keep that content. (If the PDF is downloaded, we only get a record of 1 use. If the link is used, we get usage counts for each time a students clicks on the link, so we have a better idea of the importance of that content.)