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Digital Course Reserves

Digital Course Reserves

Original copies of college-owned items and materials that reside in the public domain, not including consumables, may be digitized and distributed with Controlled Digital Lending protections via the library’s electronic reserve system. 

Personally owned, gifted, or copied/reproduced items, including examination/review copies, may not be digitized without written permission from the publisher/copyright holder. 

What is Controlled Digital Lending?

Physical print items can be digitized into a read-only copy for your students using Controlled Digital Lending.  Faculty will receive a link to the digital item that can be shared with students to access through a free app, MyDocs.   While the item is available digitally, the physical item may not be checked out by students.  Only one digital copy may be available at a time for each owned physical copy (example 1 Physical Copy = 1 Digital Copy, 2 Physical Copies = 2 Digital Copies).  One student may view a digital item at a time.  If the item is not available students may leave an email to be notified when it is available.  CDL loan periods are consistent with print loan periods (2-hour, 1-day, 1-week, etc. depending on the faculty members' choice).  

To request an item to be placed in Digital Course Reserves, please fill out the form linked here
Digital Course Reserves Form